Time Saving Tips and Ideas to Love

Time Saving Tips And Ideas To Love

Do you find yourself always on the go, while one day fades into the next?  You wonder what happened to the day, week, or even the month.  Some things aren’t getting done the way you want…worst of all, you don’t have much time for the things you really love.  You’re not alone in feeling that way.  Maria Gracia had that same feeling and wrote her E-Book, “501 Tips and Ideas For Finding More Time For The Things You Love”.  She shares her great Time Saving Tips and Ideas to make more time for your Family, Friends, and whatever else you Cherish and Love.

What makes her qualified to know how to help?  She says, “As a manager for the firm Nielsen Media Research in New York for 10 years, I had to be in control of my time as well as my staffs’ time. Wehad stiff deadlines to meet — every day. And we never missed a deadline.After I left the corporate world in 1995, I started a business as a hands-on organizing professional. It was my job to help clientsorganize their homes, their businesses and their lives. A large part of that process was helping my clients gain control of their time.”

Here is a sampling of some her time saving tips:

This tip will stop other people from stealing your time (No. 5)

How to get more done by doing less (No. 10)

Make reading time more efficient (No. 23)

The secret to making the toughest chores a breeze (No. 32)

A power tip for keeping your papers organized (No. 45)

Clutter is a time killer too, but not any more with these simple tips(No. 50-53)

This one time-saver could save you up to an hour a day (No. 58)

Discover the biggest time saving system ever (No. 68)

A quick and easy grooming tip that can save you hours (No. 69)

Get important things done with the “Big Rocks” concept (No. 343)

How to save ‘big’ time; this tip will do it (No. 353)

This little magic tool makes cleaning a breeze (No. 380)

Time saving tips at the grocery store(No. 408, 409)

Get your kids to stop what they’re doing and leave on time with the 10-5-1 system (No. 436)

The best tip of all to give you time for the things you love (No. 488)

“I’ve always considered myself fairly organized, but I know there’s always room for improvement.“Your book has shown me so many new time management ideas I’ve never even considered. It’s awealth of information and I can’t imagine anyone who can’t benefit and save time in their day after reading it.”–Amelia Sellnow Ontario, Canada

You’ll get a total of 501 super time-saving tips.  Go Here For More Information.