Book Club, Book Collecting, and More

Book Club, Book Collecting, And More

Books can take you to Faraway Places, Inspire You, and Teach You.  If you are a Book Lover, you know how much a Good Book delights you and turns reading into a Cherished Past-time.  You know the feeling when you can’t put a Good Book Down.  Besides Reading for the Fun of It, joining a Book Club can be a Wonderful Hobby.  What’s more, Collecting Signed Books can open another world to explore through Book Collecting.

VJ Books has so much to offer the Avid Book Lover…


Looking for the latest and greatest books in stock? Find them here!  They are constantly on the hunt for books that might appeal to their customers. The books are sorted by most recently added to inventory.  They even showcase many of the book authors.

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VJ Books carries Signed and Collectible Books for the Avid Fan, Reader, and Book Collector.

VJ Books offers a wide selection of limited edition titles from bestselling authors such as Tom Clancy, Vince Flynn, Alan Jacobson, and Robert McCammon. All limited edition books have a broad range of collectible upgrades such as slipcases, specialty bindings, marbled end papers, signed limitation pages and other unique features desirable to collector and investor alike.

Best of all, VJ Books invites you to become a member of their Book Club, where members get great benefits, special prices, and more.

  • Every month receive new release signed edition books from your author list; over 250 authors to choose from!

Always check their online site for Book Sales and Top Selling Recommendations.  They offer the most current titles, and an inventory of over 50,000 books which includes those hard-to-find Backlist Titles sought by collectors.

Check Out VJ Books Here.